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ElectroClean Safe

ElectroClean Safe Certified

ElectroClean Safe site certification ensures that customers, staff, guests, and anyone else visiting your site or using your fleet knows surfaces have been sanitised to the highest possible standard. 

When a person enters an ElectroClean Safe site they know they are protected and visiting an organisation that takes their health and wellbeing seriously.

Sites can only be certified as ElectroClean Safe if they implement our sanitisation programme and site teams have been properly trained to ensure our programme is followed. 

ElectroClean Safe provides peace of mind and assurance that the property or vehicle bearing the mark is properly sanitised.

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Proof of cleanliness

Get a certificate proving your premises are safe for up to 28 days


99.999% protected

Imagine how reassured & happy this will make your customers feel


Advanced technology

We only use the best equipment & products for your peace of mind